Fur Care & Storage

Fur is the most perfect and luxurious material that nature has provided us with and it has to be treated with love and respect.

It is important to store your fur in a professional storage facility. Proper conditions prevent the skins from drying out, all the while protecting against insect and heat damage. Fur vaults are generally set at the chilly 40 — 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the humidity is controlled at 45-55 degrees. These conditions are considered to be ideal for the protection of all furs. The difference between a coat properly stored and one left in your cedar closet can even be noticed by the untrained eye! Heat, humidity, and improper lighting can be extremely harmful to skins. It can cause the pelts to lose their natural oils, which subsequently dries out the leather and leaves your fur coats stiff. If untreated, this drying will lead to the cracking of the pelts and excessive fur loss due to shedding.

At Regency Fur, we have our own temperature, humidity and light-controlled storage facility. Our vault, which houses up to 4,000 coats during storage season, is located on the premises. Your furs are fully insured from pick-up to delivery. Should you require additional insurance year-round, we make a private policy available at reasonable rates.

The charge for storage is directly related to the value you place on your coats in storage. For more information regarding storage and insurance rates please call or email us.