Cleaning, Repairs and Alterations


Fur garments should be cleaned and conditioned every year to keep them looking their best. It should come as no surprise that furs gather dust and dirt. Dirt gets trapped in the oils near the leather base of the fur, which causes the hairs to stick together giving it a matted appearance. The special fur cleaning process frees the fur of the dust particles that makes breathing difficult and robs your fur of its sheen. Unlike cloth, which is cleaned through immersion, fur is cleaned by abrasion. They are tumbled in a drum with sawdust that has been soaked in a specially formulated solution. This sawdust absorbs the dirt and oils that harm the coat. The garment is then glazed to bring out the sheen and make it feel and look soft and fluffy. Flat curly furs such as broadtail are pressed with a special type of waxed paper to give them added sheen.

At Regency Fur, before any coat is placed in storage, it is thoroughly inspected by our on site staff. If there are any necessary repairs, we will contact you and give you a free estimate without any obligations. Our skilled staff and on-site factory ensure quality workmanship and care. Cleaning and repairing your fur adds to its longevity, makes it soft and supple, conditions the leather, and revitalizes your coat.

For more information regarding cleaning repairs and alterations please call us at 416-539-9999 or email us at